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See the growing list of the latest theme units and activities here. including the series "Prep Packs for Preschool". 

Pre-K Theme for a Day Series - a collection of downloadable mini teaching topics/units that are focused towards preschool and Pre-K learners. Although the activities are written to cover one full day of activities and related games, centers and other printables, there are enough ideas to extend the theme longer if needed.

"Letters for Little Learners" - an alphabet curriculum  

Just a reminder (although I'm sure you don't need it) - even though these activity pages are free for you to use in your learning environment, they are still copyrighted, and may not be redistributed by any means, including posting them to other websites and discussion boards.  Please pass along the name of this site, so others can access the free activities. 


 Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum for the Year


  • A  comprehensive developmentally appropriate learning program for children aged 18 months through 36 months, and their teachers, caregivers, and parents - over 1600 pages!
  • 62 separate themes that are intrinsically interesting to young children. Each theme consists of a set of written activities, and linked games, pictures and photos that can be accessed by the click of a mouse. Hover the mouse over the written activities to find links to related games and printables. 
  • Each theme contains between 18 and 45 pages.   The linked printables are not worksheets – they are hands-on games and learning activities that you print and make, to use with the children.
  • For each theme, there are activities for Creative Art; Songs and Finger Plays; Language and Early Literacy; Number and Logical Thinking; Science and Nature; Sensory Discrimination; and Physical Development. There is also a list of quality books (available at a library), and a theme poster for each theme.  There are enough activities to last for at least a year, they can be repeated any number of times, and can be used with older preschool children, or those with special needs.
  • 4 sets of age appropriate teaching posters for Letters, Numbers, Colors and Shapes
  • Simply written and easy to use, with little or no preparation time, using only supplies and equipment found in a normal home or classroom, plus a short list of creative art and activity supplies.
  • Addresses all current learning/curriculum standards for ages 18 months through 36 months, and is based on the comprehensive Washington State Standards, and NAEYC recommendations.
  • The Curriculum is created in Adobe PDF file format, and is sent to you as a digital download link, OR recorded on a CD and mailed to you.  All pages in the curriculum can be printed and used as many times as needed, for any number of children. Works with both PC and Mac computers.


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