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Here is a collection of activity pages and games to make that co-ordinate with the early childhood theme Apples, and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for preschool and PreK children. Download instantly, in Adobe PDF format.

Letters and Literacy Activities


10 flashcards of things related to apples, and 10 vocab words to match with them. 6 pages, color  

Adjectives - "He thinks the apple is ______"  

Apple conversations  


Apples - picture story starter       

Apples - finish the picture "Who ate the apple?"  

Apples cut-outs - full alphabet - 7 pages  

Apples - "This is Amy. This is me. We eat apples".  



Large Apples theme letters, full alphabet (upper  case) 

7 pages


Apples Mix and Match Word Wall   -   

25 pages - Members

Math, Matching and Categorizing Activities (Critical thinking)


Connect the dots from 1 to 13. 1 page, b/w 

Apples numerals & sets..

Match numerals 1-12 with sets of dots, and sets of apples 



Cut and paste to complete the pattern/sequence. 1 page,color 


Apples sorting & matching.

Categorize large, medium and small apples, in red, green and yellow colors. 3 pages, color.


Apple pie cut and paste- cut the pie into 4 slices and paste onto the plate - 2 pages 


Apples - matching set of apples and a set of caterpillars one-to-one 

Apples number cut-outs 1-20 - 10 pages  

Apples - what comes next 2 


Apples - sequence cards - Members  

Apples - lotto/concentration cards -print 2 copies, cut up one and match to the other  -  - Mem 


Apples - connect each number below the tree to the apple on the tree with the matching number - M


Apples - pattern cards. Create line patterns for the children to finish or copy 

Apple trees cards 0-10, in color, 6 pages. Children add apples by printing finger in red paint; or with bingo markers; or with garage sale stickers etc. 

Apple trees cards 0-10, in b-w, 6 pages. Children add apples by printing finger in red paint; or with bingo markers; or with garage sale stickers etc 

"Apple caterpillar bites" cards - use circle stampers to count bites on apples 1-15. 9 pages 

apples number cards

Apples number cards 0-10, 3 cards per number for sequencing, recognition, matching etc 

Large Apples theme numbers, 0-20  - 6 pages  

APPLES Number Posters 

Apples numbers wall posters 0-10


Colors and Shapes Activities
Prewriting, Tracing and Creative Coloring Activities


Trace apple outline. 1 page, b/w 

Apples - creative coloring  


Apples tracing - trace the line from the caterpillars to the apples 



Apples Trace Numbers and make Sets 

12 pages - Members

Art and Music
Other Printables and Games

Apple stationery  


Apples - 6 piece puzzle - basket 

Apples - 6 piece puzzle - tree 



Apples Puzzles Collection  

21 pages - Members

Apples centers and activities for early learners - make hands-on, interactive activities and learning games for your preschool and pre-K classroom. Letters – numbers – shapes – colors – math mats - MORE... 87 pages. $6


Tons of additional activity pages in the KidSparkz Resource Room –  new pages added every week.

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