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Here is a collection of activity pages and games to make that co-ordinate with the early childhood theme Summer, and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for young children.   Download instantly, in Adobe PDF format. Print using the fast draft setting if you wish to save colored ink


Three Summer-themed tracing and counting pages. Count the sets, recognize and trace the numbers, add extra details (crabs, a cherry for each ice cream?) and color if desired .

9 piece puzzle - print 2 copies, cut up one and match to the other.


9 piece puzzle - print 2 copies, cut up one and match to thSummer2-_puzzle_sun.pdf

9 piece puzzle - print 2 copies, cut up one and match to the other


Full upper case alphabet 7 pages 


Summer - creative_coloring.

14 pages, b/w 



Print 2 copies.  Use for matching games, concentration, vocab, etc 



5 pages Use for recognition, matching numerals, associating with sets etc
Sets of 1 to 20, 10 pages. Create a matching game with the sunflower numbers; draw matching sets etc

Sort small, medium and large items into a graphic organizer page.  4 pages 



Children cut up summer themed background pages for ceative art work/collage. 4 pages


Children suggest conversations/words for the children in the picture. Teacher writes them in the word balloons.


Discussion cards

Set of 12 cards picturing different situations that might occur at the beach. Show them one at a time, and children discuss what is happening, and what might happen soon.  Can also be used as flashcards, or matching games (print 2 copies).  3 pages


3 different sun outlines for art work, tracing, wall decor etc.  3 pages b/w


Categorizing items that can be used to make a hamburger on a bun.  2 pages.



Categorizing items that can be found at the beach, or near a swimming pool.  2 pages.


Categorizing warm and cool weather clothing.  Children figures can also be used for counting, making sets, and storytelling.  2 pages



Large emergent reader about things that people can do while "on vacation".   There are 10 full pages, and 19 reader pages.  Use the pages that are appropriate in your area. Email me if you would like a reader with the words "on vacation" on each page changed to "on a holiday", or "on holidays".


Summer Word Wall - 16 words and pictures, 4 pages. Use whole pages, or cut in strips. Sight word recognition, matching, choose your favorites, picture dictionary etc



Summer Flashcards

16 large photo flashcards related to summer. 4 pages. Many uses for group and individual activities, centers, circle time etc. One idea - cut a few cards in half, mix up the pieces, and have children match the halves together.


Summer Predictable List

"In the summer I might see..." great for verbal expression and categorizing.  The "sight reading" is secondary. One idea - send home for families to complete together.


 photo summer_zpse523a894.jpg  

Summer large cut-outs to make games, flannel board sets etc. 9 pages, 18 pictures 



Flip flops 2-piece puzzle cards  - 14 cards, 7 pages.  Print on cardstock. 

SUMMER Numbers 1-12 Cut and Paste Match 10-Frames Tally Ma 

 SUMMER Numbers 1-12 Cut and Paste Match 10-Frames Tally Marks 




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