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Here is a collection of activity pages and games to make that co-ordinate with the early childhood theme Camping, and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for preschool, preK and Kindergarten children.   Download instantly, in Adobe PDF format.

Connect the dots, 1 page
5 important camping safety tips - 5 pages, b/w.  Could make a booklet.
Print 2 copies, cut one into 6 pieces and match to the other.


2 camping related backgrounds for creative art work/collage.

What could we take camping in the pack?
Have a talk about what you see here, teacher writes words in word balloons.
1 page, b/w
Children add their own ideas. 6 pages, b/w
Camping Photos
5 pages, 10 camping related photos for discussion, "photo albums", etc
Camping Math Mats
2 pages.  Print as many as you need, write numeral in the box.  Children add the appropriate set of camping items.
Camping Flashcards
 16 large cards, 4 pages.
Large ManipulativesUse these large cutouts for games, vocab, storytelling. 6 pages
Camping - Logical thinking
1 page
Camping - Logical thinking 2
1 page
Categorizing - Children choose which items would make a tasty trail mix.  Good to use as a follow-up when actually making a mix.
Memory Game
Name each item, turn page over, children remember what they saw.
Camping Predictable List
"If I went camping, I would take..."
Camping Word Wall
16 large picture/word strips. 4 pages
Sign for your room.

Emergent Reader

5 full pages, 9 reader pages.  Reader is duplicated without the pictures so older children can draw their own. - Members

 Camping Story Starters

2 story starters about camping.

Picture Story Starter/Picture Talk
What can you see happening in the picture? Ask open-ended questions.
Action song
Full alphabet, large letters - 7 pages

Find the picture that is different in each row.


 What comes next? Cut and paste

Color by number
What does not belong?

Preschool Sings!  

- a HUGE free collection of the words to many familiar and new songs to use when creating curriculum activities for young children

Let's Label the CAMPING KID - 3 Differentiated Ways

CAMPING Prep Pack for Preschool - This is a comprehensive set of printables with a Camping theme - make hands-on, interactive activities and learning games for your preschool and pre-K classroom.  $6



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