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In the past, harvest time was the time of the year when the summer crops and gardens were ready to gather, and many fruit trees and patches were full to be picked and dried, canned and preserved.  Gardens and fields were laid bare, ready to prepare for the next year's produce.  Winter was coming - if there was not a bountiful harvest, then many would not eat well through the winter.  Harvest time was a time for hard work, and then celebrations, and then rest. There was a tremendous dependence on the weather.

 Nowadays, or course, crops, fruits and vegetables can be produced at any time, in some part of the world, and easily transported to stores and homes.  Harvest time in the fall is important, but not a matter of life and death as it once was.   When presenting a Harvest Theme to young children, we can integrate the concepts and activities with information about Fall (Autumn), the cycle of growth of some familiar (and some unfamiliar foods), and with changing weather, the beautiful warm colors of wheat, olive greens, bright reds, and  glorious rusts and browns.  We can intersperse peeks from the past, with joyful and communal songs and dances, and  a comparison of methods of gathering (yesterday and today).  Don't dwell on the past - history will come to the children as they grow older.  Present this time of year as the 3 or 4 year old really can observe it, from the point of view of the 21st century.

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Harvest 6 piece puzzle 2 

Resource Room.


Harvest  letters 

7 pages  Resource Room 



2 pages Cut up for collage art work.





 Harvest coloring 3. 

Resource Room


Concept of harvest. 

2 pages, cut and paste, counting sets.  Resource Room 



Resource Room 



2 pages, 4 photos


Harvest dot to dots 

Resource Room 


Harvest emergent reader  

5 pages, 10 reader pages 

Resource Room  


Kinds of grains 

Resource Room 


Harvest lotto/concentration

 Print 2 copies.  Resource Room


Harvest large manipulatives 

8 pages   Resource Room



2 pages Count sets of crows on scarecrow background


Harvest wheat math mats 

Resource Room 


 Harvest order by size 

3 pages    ResourceRoom


Harvest picture story 

3 pages   Resource Room 


Harvest science cards 

8 pages 16 cards  Resource Room 


Harvest song celebration 

Resource Room


 Harvest song chipmunk.  

Resource Room


Harvest story starter 

 Resource Room

Harvest Tracing

Resource room

Harvest Time - A Collection of Printables, Activities and Centers   59 pages $5

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