Squirrels theme activities

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Here is a collection of activity pages and games to make that co-ordinate with the early childhood theme Squirrels, and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for preschool and PreK children. Download instantly, in Adobe PDF format.

Letters and Literacy Activities






Squirrels story starter 3

What will happen next? Members 


 Squirrels story starter 4   Squirrel comes to lunch 



 Squirrels information - What is a squirrel? (comprehension)



Squirrels emergent reader "The Very Confused Squirrel". Squirrel can't decide what color nuts it wants, decides on brown. Children color the nuts. 9 reader pages

  - Members

Squirrels stationery 

Squirrels conversations 1 Discuss picture, then write child's words in the speech bubbles. 

Squirrels conversations 2 Discuss picture, then write child's words in the speech bubbles.



Squirrels and acorns matching game for upper and lower case letters - 21 pages





Squirrels photos game - 7 pages. 6 photos of different kinds of squirrels, plus 6 photosof other animals. Teacher shows a photo, and asks "Is this a squirrel?" Children answer yes or no, or hold up a sign that says yes or no (included).





Math, Matching and Categorizing Activities (Critical thinking)

Squirrels and acorns: Sets and counting centers - 18 pages




Squirrels math mats "All mine!" Create sets of hazelnuts in the hidey hole. Use again later, or cut and paste. 2 pages  

Squirrels maze


Squirrels numbers 1 to 20 10 pages. Cut out, use for recognition, sequence. Print 2 copies for matching


Squirrels Numbers Dots Sets

1 to 12, 6 pages



Colors and Shapes Activities
Prewriting, Tracing and Creative Coloring Activities


Squirrel creative coloring 4 pages Children add details to pictures Members

Squirrels finish the picture Squirrel cosy at home watching the weather 

Squirrels coloring - squirrels with snowman Talk about picture, children can add other details

Squirrel tracing 2

Squirrels tracing 

Art and Music


Squirrels action song  

Other Printables and Games

Squirrels poster - gathering food Use for picture talk, room decor, theme focus. 


6 piece puzzle - print 2 copies, cut up one and match to the other. Beatrix Potter illustration 


Squirrels poster - Beatrix Potter illustration 

Squirrels border  

Squirrels borders - 2 pages





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