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Here is a collection of the words for some songs and rhymes that co-ordinate with the popular early childhood theme Community Helpers,  and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten children.

Community helper activity printables


9-1-1, 9-1-1,
Help's on the way, help's on the way.
If I need help, I know what to do,
I can call the police and the firehouse, too,
It makes me feel safe to know what to do.
Dial 9-1-1.

Sung to: "Down by the Station"
Down at the firehouse
Early in the morning,
You can see our clothes
Hanging in a row.
When there is a fire,
We can dress real fast.
Boots, jackets, hats, gloves,
Off we go!
This little firefighter rings the bell,
This little firefighter holds the hose so well,
This little firefighter slides down the pole,
This little firefighter chops a hole,
This little firefighter climbs higher and higher,
And all the firefighters put out the fire.
Five police officers standing by a door,
One became a traffic cop -
Then there were four.
Four police officers watching over me.
One took home a lost boy,
and then there were three
Three police officers dressed all in blue;
One stopped a speeding car,
And then there were two.
Two police officers - how fast they can run!
One caught a robber,
And then there was one.
One police officer saw smoke faraway.
He/she called the firehouse,
And the firefighters came right away!

 Sung to: "Are you sleeping?"
What is my job? What is my job?
Can you guess? Can you guess?
 I help people get well.
 I help people get well.
Who am I? Who am I?
Other verses: I can fix the water pipes.I deliver letters. I make tasty meals for you. I keep your pets healthy. I can teach you new things. I can help if you get lost.
Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood,
In your neighborhood, in your neighborhood?
Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood
The people that you meet each day?

Oh, the mail deliverer always brings the mail
Through rain or snow or sleet or hail.
S/he'll work, and work the whole day through
To get your letters safe to you.
Oh, the firefighter is brave it's said
His/her engine shiny red.
If there's a fire about,
Well, s/he'll be sure to put it out.

If I were a baker (pretend to put on a hat and apron)
What would I do?
Bake lots of cookies (make a circle with thumb and forefinger)
For me and you. (point to self and a friend)

If I were a veterinarian, (pretend to put a stethoscope in ears)
What would I do?
Care for your pet (pretend to examine a cat or dog)
It's special to you.
If I were a dentist, (look in mouth of friend)
What would I do?
Check those teeth (pretend to drill or x-ray friend's teeth)
That's good for you!

If I were a hair dresser (pretend to comb a friend's hair)
What would I do?
Wash and trim your hair (pretend to wash & cut a friend's hair)
"Oh, pretty/handsome" for you!

Johnny works with one hammer, (one hand)
One hammer, one hammer,
Johnny works with one hammer,
All day long.
Two...Three...Four...Five hammers
(other hand, one foot, other foot, head)
Johnny is getting tired now.... (slow down and fall asleep)
Johnny is waking up again....

First the farmer sows his/her seeds.
(Imitate planting seeds.)
Then s/he stands and takes his/her ease.
(Stand with hands on hips.)
S/he stamps his/her foot.
(Stamp foot.)
And claps his/her hands.
(Clap hands.)
And turns around to view his/her lands.
(Stand and clap the rhythm)
Oats and beans and barley grow (twice)
Do you or I or anyone know
How oats and beans and barley grow?

I've been working' on the railroad
All the livelong day.
I've been working' on the railroad
Just to pass the time away.
Don't you hear the whistle blowing?
Rise up so early in the morn.
Don't you hear the Captain shouting:
"Dinah, blow your horn."

Pat a cake, pat a cake, Pizza Man.
Make me a pizza as fast as you can!
Roll it and toss it and sprinkle it with cheese.
And don't forget 5 pepperonis, please!!


I'm think I'm going to sneeze
I'm think I'm going to sneeze
If you sneeze, use a tissue please!
Ha-chew, ha-chew, ha-chew!



(Tune:Oscar Meyer song)

Oh, I wish that I could be in the Olympics,
I wish that I could skate and have some fun.
For if I could skate in the Olympics,
'm sure that I'd be number one!
Oh, I wish that I could be in the Olympics,
I wish that I could ski and have some fun.
For if I could ski in the Olympics,
I'm sure that I'd be number one!
Oh, I wish that I could be in the Olympics,
I wish that I could paly hockey and have some fun.
For if I could play hockey in the Olympics,
I'm sure that I'd be number one!


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