Forest Animals


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Forest animal theme for preschool 

Forest Animals

(North America)

Here is a collection of activity pages and games to make that co-ordinate with the early childhood theme Forest Animals, and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for young children.  Download instantly, in Adobe PDF format. Print using the fast draft setting if you wish to save colored ink.

 photo forestanimaldeer_zps5ec32002.jpg

Forest animals poster 

 photo forestanimals_zpsc93598b8.jpg 

Forest animals flashcards - 24 cards plus 6 pages for categorizing the animals. 

 photo forestanimals2_zpsd30af110.jpg 

Forest animals flashcards large - 24 large cards - 12 pages 

Resource Room










3 pages b/w




Number sets 0-10 forest
Forest animals - sets 0-10
12 pages - counting, tracing, coloring b/w
Resource Room
Word cards forest.
5 pages, 10 word puzzle cards. Print on cardstock.
Resource Room

Forest animals numbers 1-20

Resource room 

Paper bag puppet


Paper bag puppet


Paper bag puppet

Emergent reader "Who Lives in the Forest?" color

Resource Room

Emergent reader "who Lives in the Forest?" - b/w

Resource Room

Number grids - Forest animals
Resource Room 

Read about the Number Grid concept

Match numbers to sets  to 12 - cut and paste -  forest. 

  3 pages

 Resource Room

Forest - Cut and paste sentences

Resource Room

Forest Animals -  Cut and Paste emergent reader

Resource Room

 photo forest1_zps08dbd63f.jpg 

Creative coloring - Raccoon 

 photo forest2_zps299fca16.jpg 

Creative coloring - Skunk 

 photo forest3_zps3ccbf570.jpg 

Creative coloring - Beaver 


 photo forest4_zps6916f99d.jpg 

Creative coloring - Wolf 

 photo forest5_zps2ca695f6.jpg 

Creative coloring - Squirrel  

 photo forest6_zps2e84582e.jpg 

 Creative coloring - Moose

Resource Room 

 photo forest7_zps2d0f84fe.jpg 

Creative coloring - Fox  

Resource Room 

 photo forest9_zps545fdc60.jpg 

Creative coloring - Porcupine

Resource Room   

 photo forest8_zps338e80ae.jpg 

Creative coloring - Deer  

Resource Room 

 photo forest10_zps75ab2ea0.jpg 

Creative coloring -Bear

Resource Room 


 photo forest11_zpsfa308b50.jpg 

 Forest animals card collection - 10 animals, 3 pages. Use for matching games (print 2 or more copies), card games, hiding and finding, story telling etc.

Resource Room

 photo forest12_zps5a5faea4.jpg 

Border mushrooms 

 photo forest14_zps3221c753.jpg 

 Border snail with lines

 photo forest13_zps84414d78.jpg 

Border snail 

 photo forest15_zps6e7c339e.jpg 

Border chipmunk 

 photo forest16_zps1acb4ca3.jpg 

Border curlicues 

 photo forest17_zps1d51f4dc.jpg 

Border tree silhouettes 

 photo forest18_zps8c286192.jpg 

Border tree 

 photo forest19_zps0ab9bd08.jpg 

Background trees and leaves 

 photo forest21_zps82d32938.jpg

Trees puzzle


  photo forest22_zpsad36ee77.jpg 

 Blue bird puzzle

 photo forest23_zpsc22b67c2.jpg 

Deer puzzle 

Resource Room  

 photo forest24_zpsc0756c58.jpg

Raccoon puzzle

Resource Room    Raccoon puz

 photo forest20_zps8f841af0.jpg 

Forest animal predictable list 

Resource Room

 photo forest26_zps072eb4fe.jpg 

Forest animal conversations 

 photo forest25_zps085ff7bd.jpg 

Categorizing Forest animal/not a forest animal - 3 pages 

Resource Room 

 photo forest27_zps7bc4f3c9.jpg 

Math mats - count sets of forest animals onto forest background - 2 pages 

Resource Room

 photo forest28_zps65d8894b.jpg 

Full alphabet with skunks - 7 pages 

 photo forest29_zpsee66153a.jpg

Large forest animals set -11 pages, 23 animals

Resource Room

  photo forest30_zps8938d5f3.jpg 

Forest match silhouettes - 2 pages, 12 silhouettes.  print 2 copies.

Resource Room  

 photo forest31_zps664cd4d4.jpg 

Connect the dots -deer



 photo forest32_zps906b86bd.jpg 

Story telling.  Discuss picture, teacher writes child's words

 photo forest33_zps7d8bd27e.jpg 

Complete the pattern cut and paste

Resource Room  

  photo forest34_zps774e8123.jpg 

Which is different in a group of four?  Discuss why it is different.

Resource Room  

 photo forest35_zps31bd8566.jpg 

Maze - beaver to dam.  This maze is more difficult.

Resource Room  

 photo forest36_zpsfa41b5d0.jpg 

Maze - bats to cave.

 photo forest37_zps14ec654d.jpg 

Maze - mallard duck to pond.

Resource Room  

 photo forest38_zps7dcda90f.jpg 

Background - forest/lake.  Use for discussion, drawing, glueing cut graphics.

  photo forest39_zps9d7e4048.jpg 

Story starter - what happens when raccoons explore a picnic basket?

Resource Room  

  photo forest40_zps7a7afda0.jpg 

Trace and color - deer

Resource Room  


  photo forest41_zps16b8ce69.jpg 

Trace and color - raccoon

 photo forest42_zpsb1323158.jpg 

Trace and color - beaver

 photo forest43_zps5e52d437.jpg 

Trace and color - fox

Resource Room  

WOODLAND FOREST ANIMALS Prep Pack for Preschool - 109 pages

This is a comprehensive set of printables with a FOREST ANIMALS theme - make hands-on, interactive activities and learning games for your preschool and pre-K classroom. 109 pages

OWL Number Matching Cards 0-10 FREE 

Set of number cards with an owl theme, 0-10 Use for recognition, sequence, memory games, hiding and finding games, and matching. 


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