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Back to Preschool

Here is a collection of activity pages and games to make that co-ordinate with the early childhood theme Back to Preschool, and can be used when planning   activities and curriculum for young children.   Download instantly, in Adobe PDF format.

Letters and Literacy Activities

Alphabet backpacks upper case color

Cut out these pieces to create recognition, matching and hiding games. Or tape on the wall, or use to spell names 

Alphabet backpacks lower case

Match lower case to upper case, or use alone for recognition games.  


 Alphabet backpacks upper case b/w

Use these pieces to save printer ink, or to have the children color them 


Alphabet backpacks lower case b/w 




8 reader pages

More Emergent Readers 

Alphabet Practice Printables for a Back to School Theme There are 28 pages in this pack, and it is in b/w


Back to School emergent reader 2

6 full pages, 11 reader pages


Back to School discussion photos  - use these to provoke discussion and extend vocabulary.

5 pages, 10 photos


Back to School "About Me". Teacher can write words for younger children, room to draw picture. 

1 page - Members 


 Back to School Conversations. What are these children saying?  Discuss and teacher writes words in balloons.

1 page  - Members 

Back to School word wall.  Can post on wall, or make a center by printing 2 or more copies, and children match.

3 pages 12 words/pictures 




4 pages 16 cards - Things we do at preschool.  Each of these pictures shows a different activity - talk about it.. Members     

Predictable list. "I like -----at school"


Back to School large manipulatives

14 manipulatives for games and vocabulary - Members 

Back to School name labels. Children can recognize names.

3 pages, 3 styles - Members 

Use this as an anchor poster for the theme. Put on wall or bulleting board display.

Back to School poster   

Back to School room labels - emergent reading.  - emergent reading.

 9 pages, 18 word labels Members 


Baby animal name_cards

9 cards. Write child's name beside favorite baby animal 


 Back to school flip book interactive emergent reader  - 14 pages

Math, Matching and Categorizing Activities (Critical thinking)

Number cards crayons 1-20  

 Make a center - have children count real crayons on each number card.

 photo NumberpracticeWEcancountto_Page_01_zps949b9829.jpg

Collection of activity printables reviewing some different forms that numbers can take, with a BACK to SCHOOL theme. 22 pages - Members


3 pages - sort items found at school/not found


Color by number



Puzzle 1

6 pieces - print 2 copies, cut up one and match to the other


Puzzle 2

6 pieces - print 2 copies, cut up one and match to the other


 Back to School lotto

1 page, 9 cards


Order by size

3 pages


Math mats

2 pages - Create sets of crayons on classroom background.


Patterns cut and paste



Making patterns

2 pages, print several copies. teacher begins pattern, children complete it.


Which is different?


 back to school bus number cards

  Back to school bus number cards 0-10 includes number, ten-frame and number word to use for sequencing, recognition, matching etc,

Colors and Shapes Activities


Set of 18 different shapes, in flashcard format. Use to assess recognition of shape names.

More Shapes 

Color matching backpacks

11 pages, 12 colors. Match books and teddies to backpacks

More Colors 


Match silhouettes

2 pages, 12 cards, print 2 copies, cut up cards

Member ss

Prewriting, Tracing and Creative Coloring Activities

Tracing - Members 

Creative coloring - 3 pages 

Discussion, children can add items to the pictures.


7 pages

More Creative Coloring 

Mazes school bus - members.

Music and Art



16 pages of preschool oriented songs and rhymes, with coordinating activities b/w 

More songs....

This collection of songs is perfect for Back to School units, and new introductions 

Creative Art Techniques to Use With ANY THEME
70 basic art techniques that can be used successfully with children aged from 3 to 6 and older. These techniques can be adapted for use with ANY theme or topic; they promote and encourage creativity and self-expression; and use basic and inexpensive materials and supplies. This item is in the Resource Area. It can also be purchased here 
Other Printables and Games



 Center signs 

Signs for centers - 32 room center signs for preschool and preK classrooms. 2 different backgrounds, plus one set with Canadian spelling.


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