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Songs about birds

Here is a collection of the words for some songs and rhymes that co-ordinate with the popular early childhood theme "Birds", and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for young children.

Birds activity printables


Sung to: "Oh, My Darling Clementine"
Found a feather, found a feather, found a feather on the ground.
Oh, I am so very lucky a feather to have found.
Picked it up, picked it up, picked it up just like that,
Picked up that pretty feather then I put it in my hat.
Found a feather, found a feather, found a feather on the ground.
Oh, I am so very lucky a feather to have found.

I saw a little bird go hop, hop, hop.
I told the little bird to stop, stop, stop.
I went to the window to say 'How do you do?'
He wagged his little tail and far away he flew!
Here is the bird feeder. Here, seeds and crumbs.
Sprinkle them on and see what comes.
One cardinal, one chickadee, one junco, one jay.
Four of my bird friends are eating today.
Most of the birds have gone away
On this cold, dark winter's day
But here is one bird I can see
Looking for something to eat
Little bird, I'll feed you
Till the cold, winter's through
And all your friends come back to play
On some bright and warm spring day
Bluebird, bluebird
Through my window.
Bluebird, bluebird
Through my window.
Bluebird, bluebird
Through my window
Oh, Johnny, I'm tired.

An ostrich has two long legs
And can lay many large eggs
She's the largest of all the birds
And she can't fly. Isn't that absurd?
A penguin, when he goes somewhere
Will walk or swim; here's why:
Although he has two bird-like wings
He simply cannot fly!
This is the way we scratch for worms.
This is the way we peck for our food.
This is the way we sit on our eggs.
This is the way we flap our wings.
This is the way we fly away
Ten white seagulls just see them fly.
Over the mountain, and up to the sky.
Ten white seagulls crying aloud.
Spread out their wings, and fly over a cloud.
Ten white seagulls on a bright day.
Pretty white seagulls, fly, fly away!

Come pretty swan,
Swimming over the lake.
I've brought you some breadcrumbs,
And small bits of cake.
Take care, pretty swan!
Swim, swim away!
There's a great big crocodile coming this way.
Snip, snap, go his jaws. He is terrifying to see.
But he'll never catch you!
And he'll never catch me!

The wise old owl
Sat on an oak
The more he saw 
The less he spoke
The more he spoke
The less he heard
Why can't we all
Be like that wise old bird?
Five baby robins watch Daddy Robin soar
One baby leaves the nest and now there are four
Four baby robins, high up in a tree
One flies to catch a worm and now there are three
Three baby robins had nothing to do
One tried his new found wings and then there were two
Two baby robins frolicked in the sun
Another robin chased a bug and then there was one
One baby robin left all alone
And this baby robin decided to stay home!
There's a little white duck, sitting in the water. 
A little white duck, doing what he ought a! 
He took a bite of the lily pad, Flapped his wings and
he said, "I'm glad I'm a little white duck sitting in the water. 
Quack, quack, quack."
There's a little green frog, swimming in the water. 
A little green frog, doing what he ought a! 
He jumped right off the lily pad, that the little duck bit and he said,
 "I'm glad I'm a little green frog swimming in the water.
Glub, glub, glub.
Sung To: "Six Little Ducks"
Who flies around in the dark of night?
Who glides on wings o'er silent night?
Who eats his dinner by late moonlight?
It's a little hoot owl with his owl eyesight!

Who-who, who-who, little hoot owl.
Who-who, who-who, little hoot owl.
Who-who, who-who, little hoot owl.
It's a little hoot owl with his owl eyesight

Five little birds in a nest in a tree
(hold up right hand)
Are just hungry as can be
"Peep", said baby bird number one
(wiggle one finger)
Mother bird promised she would come
"Peep, Peep", said baby bird number two,
If she doesn't come what will we do?
"Peep, Peep, Peep", said baby bird number three,
I hope she can find this tree.
"Peep, Peep, Peep, Peep", said baby bird number four,
She never was so late before.
"Peep, Peep, Peep, Peep, Peep", said baby bird number five,
When will our mother bird arrive?
Well, here she comes to feed her family
(use left hand as mommy bird)
They're all as happy as can be!
Sung To: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"
Little bird, little bird, fly around,
Up to the sky, down to the ground.
Little bird, little bird, flap your wings.
Open your beak and sweetly sing.
Little bird, little bird, fly to your nest.
Now it is time to take a rest.
Two little penguins sitting on the ice.
(Hold up both index fingers)
One bows once, the other bows twice.
(Make index fingers bow)
Waddle little penguins,  waddle away.
(Put fingers behind back)
Come back penguins, time to play.
(Bring fingers to the front)
Six little penguins off an iceberg did dive,
One bumped his beak, then there were five.
Five little penguins swam the ocean floor,
One saw a whale, then there were four.
Four little penguins spun around, whee-ee!
One spun off, then there were three!
Three little penguins, with nothing to do,
One went fishing, then there were two.
Two little penguins, having lots of fun,
One fell off, then there was one.
One little penguin, when the day was done,
Went home to sleep, then there were none.
(Chant: Military Sound off 1,2)
I'm a penguin, black and white,
I can't fly but that's all right.
I've got feathers, that's not fur,
And I lay eggs like other birds.

I just swim to get my meals
But I watch out for leopard seals.
I'm from the south as you may know
And now it time for me to go.
If I were a bird, I’d sing a song
And fly about the whole day long
And when the night comes, go to rest,
Up in my cozy little nest.

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