New Year's Day


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New Year

Here is a collection of activity pages and games to make that co-ordinate with the early childhood theme New Year, and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for young children.   Download instantly, in Adobe PDF format.


Emergent reader

4 full pages, 7 reader pages, color photos. Things that are new.


1 page, print 2 copies. Cut up one page for lotto/matching, cut up both for concentration game. 



 5 pages, color, upper case. Use for recognition games, spelling names and simple words, print 2 copies for matching.


New_Year story starter

"It's a brand new year!  This year I am going to try something new.  I'm going to..."


1 page, cut and paste, color and b/w. Decorate the hat with shapes - name the shapes.


 Match colorful party hats - match colors, and/or color names - 4 pages 


1 page, for pictures, stories, cards etc


1 page


Songs for the New Year


Preschool Sings!


Use as a poster, or a 4 piece puzzle 1 page  


New Year  Number order. 

Print several pages. Cut out as many hats as you need. There are 3 different patterns. Cut out the numbers  and tape one on each hat. Have the children place in number order. 2 pages - Members


New_Year_theme letters. 

7 pages


New Year order by size.

3 pages






New Year color by number


New Year decorate party hat

New Year border 2

New Year coloring


New Year celebrate b-w

New Year celebrate color

 New Year border 3

Puzzle cards - 5 pages, 10 large cards. Print on cardstock, cut each card in half and spread out pieces on table or floor. Child match the halves, and "read" the word


New Year bookmarks (2 pages)

Print on cardstock, cut out and decorate. Can glue a graphic from the right side to the top of bookmark, or tie yarn through the hole.


New Year coloring 2 pages


Decorate banner for 2016 (banners available from 2014 through 2020)

New Year Pack for early learners  - 26 pages.  $2  Free for members on the New Year theme page.



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