Arctic Animals

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Arctic Animals

Here is a collection of activity pages and games to make that co-ordinate with the early childhood theme Arctic Animals, and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for preschool and PreK children.   Download instantly, in Adobe PDF format.


12 large photo flashcards/color

Arctic animals - sets 0-10
12 pages  - counting, tracing, coloring b/w


Preschool Sings!  

- a HUGE free collection of the words to many familiar and new songs to use when creating curriculum activities for young children.

Order by size Orca Whales - 3 pages


Arctic creative_coloring. 

Discuss picture, teacher writes child's words in speech bubbles.


Arctic_animals dots 



"I am a polar bear..." - 9 reader pages


Finish the picture 



Arctic animals border 




Arctic math mats 

2 pages, create sets of polar bears on Arctic background



Arctic animals order by size 

3 pages



Arctic_animals puzzle 

9 pieces - print 2 copies, cut up one and match to the other


Arctic animals story starter 






 Polar bear "true or false" 

3 pages - categorize cards of things that polar bears do as "true" or "false"



Emergent reader "Who Lives in the Arctic?" - 12 reader pages, 10 animals - color


Emergent reader "Who Lives in the Arctic?" - 12 reader pages, 10 animals - b/w


Walrus Puppets_Walrus.

Paper bag puppet 

Polar bears facts booklet - 12 pages


Arctic Animals Foldable Booklets - 20 foldable informational booklets for early learners - 10 are in full color, 10 are in in b/w. $4.50 

Arctic Animals Theme pack - 76 pages $6

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