Thanksgiving Letters



Thanksgiving Letters and Literacy

 Alphabet, letter recognition, letter sounds, vocabulary, sight words, oral expression, story telling, comprehension, word walls, rhyming, conversations activities to download and use to extend a Thanksgiving theme unit for preschool, preK and Kindergarten children.  


Upper and lower case 14 pages  



Letters cornucopia

7 pages - Members 

Letters turkeys

7 pages - Members 

Picture story starter


Thanksgiving predictable list.


Story cards 1st Thanksgiving

2 pages, 12 cards



Story starter Mayflower

Elementary ages


Story starter My turkey pet


Thanksgiving word strips
2 pages

Story starter what's for dinner?


Alphabet turkeys Full alphabet, 7 pages 

Picture story starter Tell a story about what is happening. What might happen next? 

Discussion cards - What are some things we do at Thanksgiving?

3 pages, 12 cards 

Discussion pages- same pictures as discussion cards - lines for teacher to write child's words about picture - 12 pages      Members

Discussion cards - Then and Now - 10 cards, 5 pages


Bookmarks 2 pages - Decorate bookmarks with cut and paste and own designs. 

THANKSGIVING Emergent Reader Coloring Words - 2 levels 

Color Words Emergent reader plus coloring book with 2 versions/levels. One version has the color words in color, and the other is entirely in b/w

 Literacy centers - Thanksgiving dinner - Read and write the room, emergent readers etc - 39 pages (free to members in membership area, or purchase here for $5)

Turkey lift the flap book  emergent reader plus activities -15 pages (members)

Let's Label Tom Turkey 

Let's Label Tom Turkey - 3 ways to label Tom Turkey:- cut and paste written labels on top of words;- cut and paste written labels on blank labels;- or write the words in the blank labels 

 THANKSGIVING - Set of Large Alphabet Letters Upper and Low 

This is a set of large alphabet letters with a Thanksgiving theme. Includes both upper and lower case. 

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