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Each page contains the story starter words, some lines for an adult or child to write some words, and a space for the child's illustration. These pages are fun for preschool, pre-K, and Kindergarten ages.  Click on the title in the left hand column to download the page.


It's a brand new year!  This year I am going to try something new.  I'm going to...


It doesn't snow in the winter where I live.  If I could play in the snow, this I what I would do first.


I am a big brown bear sleeping in a cozy cave. If someone woke me up, this is how I would feel.


Little bear did NOT want to eat his lunch. So he hid the fish behind a big rock.  Mommy, he said.  I ate all my lunch.  His Mommy said:


This morning I made a snowperson.  Imagine my surprise when it began to talk.  The snowperson said:

Fantastic_boots Auntie Maria gave me a pair of winter boots. They are the most FANTASTIC boots I have ever seen!  (decorate the boots)
Sleepy_groundhog If I was a sleepy groundhog, on February 2nd I would.
Phil_the_greatest_groundhog My name is Phil, and I am the greatest groundhog in the world!  I am famous because...
 Pet_groundhog Groundhogs are cute little animals.  I wonder if they would make good pets?  If I could have a groundhog for a pet, I would...
Valentine_1 Keisha and Matt walked over to the big sign about the Valentine's Day Party.  They were excited to see that the sign said...
Valentine_2 I drew a picture for my Grandma for Valentine's Day.  She lives far away.  When Grandma opens up my letter and sees the picture, she will...
Liyan celebrates the Chinese New Year with her family. She likes to wear her new clothes when she goes to her grandparents’ house for a special, delicious dinner. They decorate the house with paper lanterns, and banners with spring poems written on them. Liyan’s dad gives her a red envelope with some lucky money inside it. She thinks about whether she should keep the lucky money, or buy something with it. What would YOU do?
St_Patricks_1  ......So where is he hiding?
St_Patricks_Day_2 Can you touch a rainbow? What do you think the colors would feel like? How do you think red would feel? How about purple?

St_Patricks_Day 3

With a hippity hop the little person all dressed in green popped out onto the path in front of me. He lifted up his green bowler hat, and he said:

Spring 1

Bring on Spring! I can hardly wait!! I think some days might be feeling a little warmer already. But my very favorite things about Spring are:

Teddies_story_starter. This is HER favorite teddy.  This is MY favorite teddy. (Draw picture)
Squirrels-Story_Starter_1.    If I was a squirrel, I think my favorite season would be Fall, because ...
Squirrels_Story_Starter_2  Hello! You found me. Can you guess why I am hiding in this hollow tree stump?
Pumpkin_story_starter.pdf I found this pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. Make a picture of the pumpkin you would like to find if you went to a pumpkin patch...
5_senses_story_starters_-_touch I can touch things with my fingers...
5_senses_story_starters-sight I can see things with my eyes...
5_senses_story_starters-_taste  I can taste things with my mouth and tongue...
5_senses_story_starters-_hearing  I can hear things with my ears...
5_senses_story_starters-_smell.  I can smell things with my nose...
Action_Heroes_story_starter. Here I come to save the day! I am so strong I can do anything on Earth!  I can ....
Airplanes_story_starter.  Wow!  I could be a pilot! I could fly anywhere I wanted to go.  Maybe I could go to ....
Bears_theme-Story_starter.  Help!  I'm stuck up here! How do I get down!  Can you guess why I climbed up here?
Birthdays_Story_Starter.  What would you give teddy for his birthday?
Christmas_story_starter_1  Favorite tradition
Christmas_story_starter_2  Present for Santa
Christmas_story_starter_3   What's in the presents?


What does the puppy see?
Clowns-_story_starter.  If I could dress up like a clown, this is what I would wear...
Ducks_Theme-Story_Starter. Hello everyone, nice to see you.  After I crawl out of this egg, the first thing I want to do is....
Father_s_Day_story_booklet.  A Story About My Dad 10 pages
Koalas_story_starter.  Some people think that koalas are bears.  Koalas are NOT bears! They are marsupials, and they like to ....
Pets-_story_starter I have a pet, and it is a pig! No, really, it is! It’s a pot-bellied pig. He lives in my house with me, and I can take him for a walk on a leash, just like a dog. If you could chose any pet to live at your house with you, which pet would you choose? Why?
Fish-_story_starter. Once there was a little baby fish called Stripey. He felt so tiny in the huge ocean. He watched all the other bigger fish swim away to far off places, and he was sure they were having marvelous, exciting adventures. Well, Stripey didn’t know it, because he was still a baby, but something wonderful was going to happen to him. Can you guess?
Ladybug_story_starter.pdf  Ladybug and Frog are very good friends. There are some things about them that are different, and lots of things that are similar, or the same. Can you find some things about Ladybug and Frog that are similar?
Whales_story_starter.pdf  Some people like to watch whales as they swim in the ocean. We can see them when they come to the surface to breathe some air. Since they are mammals, and not fish, they are not able to breathe air under the water. I can think of some other animals that can’t breathe air under water.
Max and Emily are going to eat some watermelon. It is their favorite kind of fruit. Which fruit do you like best of all? What color is it? What does it taste like?
shells_story_starter.pdf  When I looked inside the oyster shell, I saw a beautiful, shiny pearl. I pretended that it was a Magic Wishing Pearl. I closed my eyes and wished that
Frogs_storystarter.pdf I see a very comfortable lily pad over there on the other side of the pond. I think I will hop over there in a while. But first of all I have to
I know I have to work very hard to make this garden. I can hardly wait for everything to start to grow. I’m going to plant
 insects_story_starters.pdf (3)  

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