Playdough Mats


Playdough Mats

Print on cardstock and laminate, or cover page with Contact paper, to make reusable.  On each page there is a simple written direction (e.g."Put some decorations on the tree"), plus a small picture of items to be added. The pages can be used individually, or in an activity center. They can also be used for creating number sets ("Put 4 decorations on the tree.") and/or differentiating colors ("Put 3 yellow and 2 red decorations on the tree".) Ages 2.6 to 6.  Pages without links are in the Members' Area.

 Christmas - decorations on tree      


Christmas - cookies on plate.


Christmas - berries on wreath.


Christmas - flames on candles.


Christmas - buttons on gingerbread.


Christmas - candy on gingerbread house.


Thanksgiving - feathers on turkey.


Thanksgiving - fruit in cornucopia.


Thanksgiving - crust on pies.


Hanukkah - flames on candles.


Hanukkah - candles in menorah.


Hanukkah - latkes in pan.


Winter - buttons on snowperson.


Winter - snowflakes.


Winter - marshmallows in cocoa. 



Winter - features on face


Fall - leaves on tree.


Fall - nuts for squirrel 


Fall - apples on tree.


Fall - seeds on sunflower.


Spring - blossoms on tree


Spring - eggs in nest


Spring - frogs in pond


Spring - flowers in garden


Spring - chicks with hen



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