Olympic Games

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Olympic Games

Here is a collection of activity pages and games to make that co-ordinate with the early childhood theme Summer Olympic Games, and can be used when planning activities and curriculum for preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten ages.  

Depending on level of interest and understanding, some topics that might arise here would be a brief, or in-depth, exploration of the sports included at the Games (see Information page below); discussion about the benefits of teamwork, of maintaining a healthy body, of practicing something to learn it better, and of presenting a goal of global understanding and respect.

Several of the symbols of the Games, such as the Rings, the current Logo, and the design of the current torch, mascots and medals are under strict copyright, but there are links on the Information page below to the official Games website so that you can show them to the children.






 4 pages

More Borders





Flag of the2012  Summer Games host country, the United Kingdom


Discuss picture, write child's words in speech bubbles.

More Conversations



Discuss picture, write child's words in speech bubbles 



2 pages



12 pages

More Creative Coloring



Design a T-shirt for a team sport


 Connect the dots - 2 pages

Resource Room


 Draw a line conneting the matching flags

Resource Room


 Flags cut and paste -  2 pages

Resource Room


3 pages, 18 flags.  Print 2 or more copies for matching games.  Flags are labeled.



6 pages, 24 cards

More Flashcards


 I can be and Olympic champion one day if I ....

Various things to do to maintain a healthy body - 3 pages.

Resource Room


 Full alphabet - 7 pages

Resource Room

Sports manipulatives for games, vocab etc.  9 pages, 18 pieces 

Resource Room  




4 pages.  Match equipment to the sport where it is used.


 Math mats  - create and count sets of healthy food - 2 pages

Resource Room



0 to 10 - 6 pages

More Numbers



3 pages

More Ordering



3 pages


Sports photos Sports photos

Resource Room



Can use to spark a disussion about the benefits of working together as a team.


 Predictable list

"_______ is a sport we can do together".

Resource Room


 6 piece puzzles

 2 pages 2 puzzles:, 6 pieces each, print 2 copies, cut up one and match to the other

Resource Room



3 pages

More Story Starters



 4 pages, 16 logos.  These are all sports played at the Summer Olympics



Flag of the 2012  Summer Games host country, the United Kingdom 



4 pages, various sports

More Tracing


 Patterns - what comes next? Cut and paste

Resource Room

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