Number Grids

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Number Grids Activities

The basic idea

 Each child has a grid page. Print several of the same card pages, and cut them up.  Mix them up, and put a pile of the cards where each child can see and handle them.  Name them. Have the children place or paste 1 apatosaurus (or any dino) next to the number 1; 2 tyrannosauruses next the number 2 etc. Can also call from high to low, or in any order.


More things to do with Number Grids:

  • Which line (or set) has the most? the least?
  • Are there more apatos or more tyrannos?  How many more?
  • Put one dino from the pile next to the line of plesiosauruses.  How many animals altogether in that row now?
  • Make sets with the dino cards without the grid.
  • Begin a line pattern, and have the children say what comes next, and next, and next...
  • The children can play with the cards without direction with, and without, the grids.
  • Use the cards for storytelling and art projects.
  • Use the grids with other items such as stickers or legos, or have the children draw items.


Each of the downloads includes 2 pages - one grid page, and the themed counting cards. Print on cardstock for easier handling.
Number grids - Airplanes
This activity is available in the KidSparkz Resource Room
Number Grids - Boats
Resource Room
Number grids - breads
Resource Room


      Number grids - Clowns

 Resource Room  
Number grids- -Construction vehicles
Resource Room
Number grids - Easter Eggs
Resource Room


Number grids - Fall

  Resource Room
Number grids-FARM.

Resource Room 

Number grids - Fish
Resource Room
Number grids - Flowers
Resource Room
Number grids - Forest animals
Resource Room
Number grids - Fruits
Resource Room
Number grids - Insects
Resource Room
Number grids - Letters
For older children. Use known letters, and use sets of only 5 letters per activity.
Resource Room
Number grids - Ocean
Resource Room
Number grids - Ornaments
Resource Room
Number grids - Pets
Resource Room
Number grids-SHAPES
Resource Room 
Number grids - Shells
Resource Room
Number grids - Transportatrion
Resource Room
Number grids - Vegetables
Resource Room
Number grids - Weather
Resource Room
Number grids Zoo
Resource Room 

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