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Printable Flashcard Sets 

Best when printed on 110 lb. cardstock, but can be printed on any kind of paper. Object recognition and vocabulary extension for toddlers; matching games and spark discussion for preschoolers.


 24 large photo flashcards.

More Toys

Alphabet flashcards
Upper and lower case letters with pictures (26)
Resource Room
Hand signs flashcards
ASL hand signs for each of the letters (26) 
Resource Room
Shapes with names (12)
Resource Room
Numbers and sets(12)
Resource Room
Breads theme photocards (24) 

More Baking



Fruit theme photocards (20)

More Fruit



Vegetables theme photocards (24)

More Vegetables


Flashcards  Spring. 

Spring photocards (12)

More Spring

Christmas theme color (16)

More Christmas

Hanukkah theme color (12) 

More Hanukkah



More African Animals




More Apples

 12 large photo flashcards/color 
12 large photo flashcards/color

More Babies


20 large photo flashcards/color 

More Ballet


More Bears


More Community



More Fall


 More Pets (general)

Resource Room 
12 large photo flashcards
Where can we find water?  5 pages, 20 cards 

16 large cards,16 types of flowers.  


12 cards, 3 pages

More Gardens


Construction flashcards - 3 pages, 12 flashcards b/w. Various jobs in the construction field - bricklayer, painter etc.

Resource Room

More Construction

Birds photo flashcards
20 large cards, 5 pages
This activity is in the KidSparkz Resource Room 

Insects Flashcards 12 large flashcards, 3 pages, color

Resource Room 

Camping Flashcards
 16 large cards, 4 pages.
Resource Room
Weather flashcards.
18 photo cards of different kinds of weather situations
Resource Room

 More Weather 

Circus flashcards
12 large cards, 3 pages
Resource Room
Zoo Flashcards
20 large photos flashcards of animals that might be found in  a zoo environment. 5 pages

Resource Room

More Zoo 
Cats - 16 large photo flashcards, 4 pages.  8 pictures of domesticated cats, 8 pictures of wild cats. Great for categorizing.
Resource Room

 More Cats

2 pages   

Food_flashcards. general   
(general) 5 pages
Use for matching, sorting, vocab, recognition, sight reading etc 

 Beach flashcards 

5 pages, 20 flashcards  Resource Room  

More Beaches 

Monkeys flashcards photos. 

3 pages,12 flashcards. Shows Old World monkeys, New World monkeys and apes.

Resource Room   

More Monkeys 

Supermarket flashcards1. 

2 pages

 Resource Room  

More Supermarket

Supermarket flashcards actions 

3 pages

 Resource Room  

 More Supermarket 

Back to School Flashcards

4 pages 16 cards - Things we do at preschool

Resource Room 

More Back to School


24 large flashcards/color 

 photo forestanimals_zpsc93598b8.jpg 

 Forest animals flashcards - 24 cards plus 6 pages for categorizing the animals. 

More Forest

  photo forestanimals2_zpsd30af110.jpg 

Forest animals flashcards large - 24 large cards - 12 pages 

Resource Room 


 More Flashcards activities on individual Theme Pages    

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