Election Day 2012



Election Day USA   2012

Here are some activity pages to present information about the United States Presidential election of 2012 to Pre-K and Kindergarten children, 4+ years.  These activities present an impartial point of view. They describe a basic knowledge of the concepts of how to vote, the importance of voting, and underscore and give meaning to the excitement and discussions that the children will experience around them during the days leading up to the election, and Election Day itself.

 Poster 1

 Poster 2



Lotto/concentration cards 

Print 2 copies, cut up one and match to the other (while talking about the pictures).


President Obama 


Governor Romney 




Statue of Liberty 


Oath of Office 


 The White House


Crown cut-out 

Print on cardstock.


 Vote badges



Print and cut out several of these for room decor, or collage work.



Classroom sign 


Vote sign coloring 


Thumbs up/down cards 

Instructions for this game are on the page.


Story starter: "If I was President..." 

Use this page, and the next, together.



Ballots 1

Vote for a simple personal preference/choice.


Ballots 2 

Vote for a one-time change.


Ballots 3 

Vote for a permanent change.


Ballots 4 

Blank ballots to design your own


Creative coloring 1


 Creative coloring 2

Numbers 1 to 20

10 pages


Full alphabet upper case

13 pages



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